My name is John Nankivell. I have been in the natural health industry for over 20 years, the last 10 years as a practicing Naturopath.

My frustration with many of my patients is that a lot of them wouldn't commit to something for long enough to see the results I knew they could achieve.

My 7 step program is specifically designed not only to inform patients about their illnesses but to offer the support and guidance needed to see real and lasting results. All we need is your commitment for only 12 weeks. Take the challenge and turn your life around.

EDUCATE: Understand what is happening in YourBody

MOTIVATE: Develop mental strategies to support the health of YourBody

COORDINATE: Structure & support to maximise the health of YourBody

MODERATE: What food you should put in YourBody

INVIGORATE: How and why you should move YourBody

STIMULATE: What natural ingredients you should put in YourBody

REJUVENATE: The importance of rejuvenating YourBody


Our 12-Week Programs

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